Summer Love Jewelry is made with care and attention to detail, but the wearer has the responsibility to take care of it to ensure it will last a long time.

The most common mistake I see many jewelry owners make is leaving it on when it should be removed. This results in loss or damage to the jewelry. The most important tip I can offer to ensure your jewelry lasts a long time and is protected from unnecessary damage is to remove it before swimming, sleeping, and doing physical activity. This is especially true for delicate, handmade items.

Below are more tips to keep your jewelry in tact and looking beautiful…

– Use a jewelry polishing cloth to clean your jewelry. Be careful not to pull too hard on necklaces when using a cloth as this may result in the distortion, weakening or breaking of the chain.

– Avoid the use of chemicals & perfumes on your jewelry. Bleach, for example, will turn silver black.

– Sterling silver & brass tarnish faster in humid environments & may need to be cleaned often.

– In addition to a jewelry polishing cloth you can use baking soda or toothpaste to clean sterling silver.

– For heavily tarnished pieces use a liquid jewelry cleaner, but be careful with some as they can harm certain stones. Do not put jewelry into chemicals that are not meant for it. If in doubt, look it up!

– When not in use, store jewelry in a cloth, bag or air tight space.

– Please be aware that some people’s skin chemistry reacts differently with 14k gold fill materials & may accelerate oxidation of this alternative to more expensive gold. Additionally, working out (sweat) while wearing your 14k gold fill jewelry, especially necklaces, will lessen the durability of the jewelry.

– Some stones and shells may chip or shatter if dropped or struck against a surface. Please treat your jewelry with care.